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Revelstoke Response and Recovery Fund

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt across our community, by individuals and our social service sector. The Revelstoke Community Foundation is mobilizing to respond today and with a view to what is needed in the future.  The response to the local impacts of the global pandemic will take our collective effort.  

We see the remarkable acts of community support, giving and generosity that are already underway in our community and we are moved.  “We celebrate these extraordinary actions as our friends and neighbours give back what they can and how they can,” said Tracy Spannier, Revelstoke Community Foundation Chair.  “Today, we are establishing the Revelstoke Response and Recovery Fund to assist in these extraordinary times.”    Our response to COVID-19 is being developed to respond to the new and unforeseen challenges facing charities and the non-profit social sector today and in the coming months as we move toward recovery. 

We have been called to action and we share that call with those who, like us, are passionate about seeing Revelstoke survive and thrive. 

Call to Action

Our longer-term response focused on recovery requires a collective community response.  With uncertainty around what the long-term effects of COVID-19 will look like, we are establishing a Revelstoke Response and Recovery Fund.  The RRR-Fund will be a flow-through fund to support the recovery of our community.  Donations to this fund will not go into our endowment.  These funds are earmarked to support non-profits and qualified donees who are experiencing hardship in these unprecedented times.   We have been connecting with the social service sector in Revelstoke for weeks and will continue to work to ensure we understand what will be needed to support resiliency and recovery.  This fund will follow the Community Foundations of Canada funding principles, is intended to not duplicate or impact others efforts and will be deployed as quickly and effectively as possible.

We are calling our community to give what they can!  If you can, please donate to the Revelstoke Response and Recovery Fund or directly to a local charity.  If these uncertain times are impacting your financial security, please consider helping us by spreading the word, hosting a fundraiser or sharing a fundraising idea.